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FreshLMS generates $200K revenue in 6 months of launching its new website

FreshLMS is a US-based learning management platform and an all-in-one feature-rich creators' suite. The platform helps:

  • Build, market, and sell interactive online courses
  • Build a personalized digital storefront for creators
  • Provide a world-class learning experience

Beta Customers


 Revenue in 6 Months of Website Launch

User Reviews


FreshLMS needed a new website design for their business. The company was also looking out for a robust plan to launch its product on AppSumo, with a goal to acquire the first 1000 beta users. 

There was also a need to set up its Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing processes.

FreshLMS needed expert assistance to align its marketing strategies with its business goals.

The holistic marketing approach by Fractional CMO

FreshLMS chose Fractional CMO as their trusted marketing partner.

First, we helped them design a new website for the product launch. Based on the data collected in the first 3 months of website traffic and conversion rate, we created a second version of its website swiftly.

Second, we created a well-segmented database using LeadSquared and executed a robust email campaign. We assisted in setting up LeadSquared tracking codes, attribution models, and the email client.

Third, our team helped run a review campaign to generate reviews for the product in the G2Crowd, achieve market validation for the product, and generate user-based content.

Fourth, our social media team helped build a social media calendar for a time frame of 3 months.


A glimpse of the FreshLMS website

FreshLMS Website Screenshot


FreshLMS Website


The Results?

Fractional CMO created a strong marketing strategy for FreshLMS which helped them:

  • Acquire 3000+ Beta customers and an outstanding AppSumo product launch 
  • Receive 60+ user reviews
  • Generate $200k revenue in the first 6 months of the launch

About FreshLMS

FreshLMS is a US-based learning management platform and an all-in-one feature-rich creators' suite. The platform helps in building, marketing, and selling interactive online courses, building a personalised digital storefront for creators, and providing a world-class learning experience.

Industry: E-learning
Website: freshlms.com


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