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Fractional CMO helped Dr. Paul's Clinic achieve a higher demand for its skin and hair treatments

Dr. Paul's Clinic provides aesthetic hair care and skin care treatments for both men and women. Dr. Paul’s Clinic uses advanced technology to perform specialized treatments such as: 

  • Mole excisions
  • Anti-aging care
  • Facial resurfacing 
  • Tattoo removals 
  • Hair Loss treatments 
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120+ MQLs
 within a span of 45 days

Increase in leads

Digital Reach to prospect audience

Challenge - Lockdown reduced the business’s number of incoming leads.

Dr. Paul’s Clinic is a well-established business; however, the practice took a hit once the pandemic began. Lockdown meant no new leads and not enough walk-ins coming through the door. 

How Fractional CMO helped Dr. Paul's Clinic gain a digital foothold by means of Facebook Ads

After researching various social media channels, our team decided Facebook was the best platform for the Paid Ads campaign. With an estimated 1.2 billion users, Facebook provides an extensive reach so businesses can attract their target audience. 

Our team designed and implemented a comprehensive marketing plan. We created a series of ad creatives and copies based on Dr. Paul’s services to create brand awareness and generate quality leads. 

We also suggested Dr. Paul’s clinic conduct a well-devised and well-researched webinar on “Hair Care and Restoration.” And invite expert speakers from Dr. Paul’s clinic to elaborate on the subject. 

This webinar promotion campaign generated a good 72 leads for them. The relationships with these leads are being nurtured by the team at Dr. Paul's Clinic.

Glimpse of Ad Creatives

Webinar Ad Creative

Hair fall treatment creative

Skin pigmentation treatment creative


Our team of digital marketing experts utilized the incredibly precise targeting that Facebook provides to drive high quality leads to our client’s page. We designed a well-orchestrated strategy for the paid ads plan with our keyword analysis, ad research, and ad optimization approach to generate leads that matter for Dr. Paul's Clinic.

The Results?

  • 120+ Qualified Leads within a span of one and a half month, with a low ad spend of around INR 7,000/- and a Cost Per Lead of INR 60/- 
  • Digital Reach to more than 33K prospect audience

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