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Fractional CMO helped Finjaan transition from an offline to an online presence for their Tea & Teaware products


Finjaan offers around 70+ tea succulent tea variants, like Green tea, Black tea, Speciali' teas, Oolong tea, and many more. Along with this, they also offer premium tea-ware, ranging from glass teapots, strainers, infusers, cup and saucer sets, glass sippers, among many others.


Web pages designed


Responsive and mobile-optimized

Challenges - 

1. Creating a smooth shift from an offline to an online presence
Finjaan is a luxury Indian tea brand based out of Hyderabad. It is the first tea-lounge to open in Hyderabad, serving 70+ special teas from around the world. They had an up and running offline lounge presence for their business, and last year, they saw a need to have an eCommerce environment integrated with their brand. They tried placing their products on eCommerce aggregators like Amazon, but realised having their own website was the need of the hour.

2. Making their tea lounge suitable to an international audience

How Fractional CMO helped Finjaan gain a digital presence by designing their eCommerce website

Finjaan reached out to Fractional CMO to create an eCommerce website for their tea business.

After detailed research on the best practices to develop a performing eCommerce website, we conceptualised and designed their eCommerce portal. 

Fractional CMO along with its team brainstormed, made a blueprint, and implemented a dynamic, comprehensive, and robust website design. We paid due heed to the keyword research and made sure to optimize the products, along with their names, taking care of the best practices of SEO.

While doing the keyword research, we made sure to rank on the first page of the Search Engine Results. As a result of the rigorous strategy implementation, while searching for the business in Incognito mode, we found out that their website was already ranking at the 3rd position on the Search Engine results.

Fractional CMO emerged as a Marketing Consultant for Finjaan,  changing the course of their business. 


The Results?

  • 100% responsive, mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly eCommerce website delivered
  • 70 number of web pages developed
  • Website optimized for better retargeting and conversion

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