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Fractional CMO helps Pandit Ujjwal achieve a strong pipeline for its astrological services

Ujjwal Astro provides astrological counseling to people. Pandit Ujjwal Pathak has the know-how of Vedic astrology and provides services such as: 

  • Medical Astrology 
  • Personality Study (SWOT analysis) 
  • Career Counseling 
  • Relationship Counseling 
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35 MQLs
 within a span of a month

Increase in leads

Digital Reach to prospect audience

Challenge - Identifying Right Channel for Paid Marketing

Pandit Ujjwal is a budding astrologer with a passion for healing people. Ujjwal wanted to promote his astrology services through paid advertising but was unsure which channel to opt for and needed help to execute the campaign. 

How Fractional CMO helped Ujjwal Astro gained a digital foothold by means of Facebook Ads

Ujjwal Astro reached out to Fractional CMO to create a promotional strategy for its astrology services.

After researching various social media channels, we decided Facebook would be the perfect platform to conduct a paid ads campaign. With almost 1.2 billion users, Facebook provides an extensive reach so businesses can attract their target audience. 

Our team designed and implemented a comprehensive website that also acted as a landing page. We also created a series of ad creatives and ad copies around Ujjwal Astro’s astrological services.

Our team of digital marketing experts utilized the incredibly precise targeting that Facebook provides to drive high quality leads to our client’s page. We designed a well-orchestrated strategy for the paid ads plan with our keyword analysis, ad research, and ad optimization approach to generate leads that matter for Ujjwal Astro.

A glimpse of Ad Creatives

Ujjwal Astro 1Ujjwal Astro 2

The Results?

  • 35 Qualified Leads within a span of a month
  • Digital Reach to more than 40K prospect audience

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